Windiana Center is located in the former fishing village – Mošćenička Draga, situated on the northern Croatian coast -  in the immediate vicinity of the cities of Lovran and Opatija and Just 30 kilometers from the City of Rijeka.

When someone mentions Mošćenička Draga, you will certainly visualize the picturesque old town with its charming little port and clustered houses descending aslope all the way down to the sea. Set on the banks of the gorgeous Kvarner Bay, the village boasts a two-kilometer long pebble beach, known locally as Sipar, believed by many to be the most stunning in the region. Over the years, more and more travelers found out about this little secret along the Adriatic Coast.

Our center is located on the beach Sv. Ivan (St. John), reachable by 5 minutes walk from Mošćenička Draga's centre.

It is also reachable by car – the second turn right after you pass the main Draga’s roundabout, just make sure to be early enough if you wanna find parking during the peak tourist season.


Best way to explore Mošćenička Draga is to make a daily break, push with a SUP or a Kayak and escape to one of the numerous uncrowded beaches and small sandy caves. If you continue forward from St.John in the direction of Pod Brseč, towards Plomin, you’ll meet picturesque bays and beaches like Uboka and Jelenšćica, Stupova, Klančac and Riva. You can go all along the coast to visit and explore the coast of Brseč.  Naturists will find their place on the beach of Senjavac, which is situated immediately after Sv. Ivan. Above this beach, high on the rocks, you will be able to see the red land – a place from where many generations of young local people used to, and still do, jump into the sea.



If you prefer hiking, trekking or biking, there are numerous trails starting directly from Mošćenička Draga. Be sure to visit Učka Nature Park and explore the places in which history, tradition, mythology and ancient legends are intertwined with beautiful nature. You’ll love it’s stunning landscapes with beautiful views over Kvarner Bay, with its islands and Istria in the west.

If your love is climbing there are few nearby spots. Above the Mošćenička Draga there is a climbing area called Zijavica, located in the bottom of the peak Straževnik, known for its breathtaking view on Kvarner bay.  In less then 10 minutes by car toward Lovran, you’ll find challenging Medveja’s climbing area. On the other side, 5 min by car toward Istria, you’ll find demanding, but beautiful Brseč climbing spot.