Take up the challenge - hit our original sea tracks!

Windiana is challenging  you to discover the hidden treasure of Mošćenička Draga!   

It’s all up to you – hit the  Stand up paddle board or Kayakfollow the hidden treasure map, Solve the clues, See the sights … After you  solve  the puzzles and collect all the X spots,  you’ll be rewarded with the peace of Windiana’s treasure!

We are sure you’ll enjoy the discoveries…… and you’ll never get bored cause we prepared various challenges. The advanced trails will force you even to dive and climb! ; )   You won’t regret it!

! Treasure hunts are appropriate for all ages and skill levels
! For children we organize guided treasure hunts
! Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents / must have parental consent in the case of guided hunting!

Treasure map + SUP / kayak + gadgets rental

JUST A HUNT ! : 20,00 HRK / 3,00 EUR
Treasure map + gadgets rental

* Treasure Award is included in prices