Wise man once said: ”There is a freedom that only windsurfers know!”

The moment we jump into the ocean, one of the rare quiet places on earth, we disconnect from the noise, rush and everyday worries – we release our ”happy hormones”, feel strong, focused and engaged.  Windsurfing is a lifestyle that gives us the closer encounter with the nature –  fresh air,  wind and the sun, water splashing at our feet and face, smell of the salt…

Less, but still important, Windsurfing is a great workout. Almost every body muscle is used at some point.  Balance, core strength and cardiovascular endurance is increasing rapidly, even if you’re complete beginner.  And … you hardly know you’re exercising : )

After all, there is nothing like sitting with friends on the beach after the good windsurfing session.  Sharing feelings, happiness, gratefulness and achievements…


Start your first windsurfing steps in Windiana’s Windsurf school  for beginners. Our instructors will unfold you key theoretical and practical knowledge and encourage your progress to become an independent windsurfer. By finishing the course, you’ll be able to surf safety by your own, surely wishing to progress!  You can also make the next step by taking advanced ”intermediate” windsurfing course.


Whether beginner, intermediate or expert, you can rent our windsurf gear and enjoy the spot by your own! If you’ve just finish our school and would like to improve or refresh your skills, you can rent the school equipment. For amateurs and experts we have various freeride and slalom gear.